My name is Islam Shabana, I am a multidisciplinary artist and a digital media designer based in Berlin.

My practice is mostly research based and gravitates between different media, from CGI, web based, interactive art to installation and VR as well as Audio/Visual performances.

My work has been featured in several group exhibitions between Egypt and Germany, including Berlin Art Week 2014, and Cairotronica; the Cairo Electronic and New Media Arts Symposium. In 2017, my Audio/Visual collaboration project titled C31S39 was featured on Boiler Room as part of MASAFAT festival. ∆3 performance was choosen by VIRTUALLYREALITY and showen in RNCM - Royal Northern College of Music. Lastly, I was part of 'MusicMakers Hacklab' where I worked on a collaborative A/V performance using machine learning technology and was live performed in CTM festival 2018 in Berlin.

I performed live visuals with musicians, DJs, and sound artists such as Beatrice Dillon, Bosaina, R.A.N, Ola Saad, 1127 [ANBA], Zuli, Rami Abadir, Yara Mekawi, Nadah El Shazly, Arletka, Ismail [KIK], $$$TAG$$$ [KIK], Patricia [Opal Tapes], Rezzett, Gaika, Sami Baha, Smash Beats, T.BK…and more.

I am the founder of Alchem Studio, an interdisciplinary collective based in Cairo, Egypt focusing on digital art practices as well as interactive design. With Alchem Studio, I hosted and taught introductory workshops on Audio/Visual production, as well as basics of generative and interactive art.

I am a self taught, and that I believe is my most valuable skill. My work is done using a mix of traditional and digital visual and audio production tools.
I mainly use: Quartz Composer, Cinema 4D, Ableton Live, VCV Rack, Audacity, Adobe Suite, Sketch, HTML, as well as CSS. I have basic knowledge of: Javascript, Processing, Vuo, Max MSP/Jitter, TouchDesigner and GLSL. I also worked with sensors such as Kinect sensor and NeuroSky mindwave headset.

Contact me for commissions or collaborations: islam@alchem.studio