Also, written C39S31 sometimes, Is an experimental audio/ visual duo that gathers sound artist, Amr Al Alamy [1127/Cellar Door], and visual artist Islam Shabana [Alchem Studio]

The project is focused on studying, and subsequently deconstructing, the lines of variance, similarity, and contrast between the concrete and metaphysical natures of the digital realm.
This work is a desire to understand and express the nature of logical and sensual relationships between virtual reality and everyday existence. A synthesis of their relation to the audio/ visual consciousness. Digital media is the main platform that artists have utilized to reinterpret and generate sounds and images. Based solely on their surrounding digital observations of materialistic and non-materialistic existence through the digital sensors and/or live data feed.

Amr El Almy is generating autonomous audiological sets in which digital soundscapes are rearranged or generated. Beginning with selected parameters, such as samples and original compositions, that are then fed through a digital interface. Al Alamy then enlarges the digital “space” to enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) to starkly utilize and dictate the sound inputs.

Islam Shabana is creating a multi-layered visual compositions using EEG readings of his brainwaves while being exposed to sound as if he is mediating the sound frequencies to a visual end. He designed the open-source system which is used to generate and manipulate the visuals live and it is based on an algorithm Shabana developed and trained on how he interacts with sound.

Live on Boiler Room

We were featured on Boiler Room as part of Masafat Festival organized by VENT and Thirty Three Thirty Three. We played a long with Lee Gamble, Amnesia Scanner, Beatrice Dillon, Ismail., Nur, and Rezzet.

Live in Städtische Galerie Delmenhorst

As part of "Spaces"exhibition that we installed a video piece in titled "The Architecture of Memory". We were asked to performe as C31S39 in the opening event.

Live at Mapping Possibilities II

Mapping Possibilities is a collective open A/V performance platform started in Cairo, Egypt. That was the second session for the collective and the closing event for Cairotronica: Egyptian Electronic and New Media Arts Symposium.

Introducing AV Waves, the platform Shabana designed to use in generating and manpuliting real-time images using EEG readings of the brainwaves. This was was part of the Digital Media Design Master presentations in University of the Arts, Bremen (HFK).